Lost at Sea doesn’t mean you’ll be lonely

by James

Radio Life VestImagine being lost at sea – stranded alone on the high seas after barely escaping the deluge of a rogue wave sending your vessel to Davy Jones’ locker. You just barely managed to get your life vest on and now, bobbing on the high seas, you’re only hope is to be spotted by a passing ship or search plane. Well, before you end up stranded on a deserted island talking to volleyballs and gleefully screaming “I’ve made fire!” check out Hammacher Schlemmer. They are always on the cutting edge of new design and this is nothing new. For about $130, boat aficionados can have this US Coast Guard approved a life vest with 2-way radios built right into the chest.

The 2-Way Radio Life Vest incorporates two standard 14-channel radios for instant two-way emergency communication. This can come in handy if you’re being plucked out of the drink by a Coast Guard helicopter or cutter, but with only slightly under a 2 mile signal range you won’t get anyone on the coast if you’re outside the standard 12 mile territorial limit.

But if there’s the Coast Guard is overhead, you have hope. The radio life vest is available from Hammacher.

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