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by David

Want Need Glass

More or less every single day we hear from some one who is stating that we need to save water or cut down on waste, but how on earth are we supposed to know exactly how much water we need to survive? Well the people, who brought us seats made out of recycled egg cartons, think that they have come up with a very useful and practical way to answer that question.

Alesina Design are famous for coming up with very innovative designs for everyday objects, but their design for a glass that shows you as and when you are wasting water has to be the most innovative design so far, as it actually shows people there and then if they are wasting water or not, the idea behind this is simple yet very effective.

From first sight, the glass looks fairly normal, apart from the fact that there are the words “Want” and “Need” printed on the side which divide the glass into the two sections, what you need and what you want, however in order to have what you want, you will need to remember to put your finger over the hole that is on the want line, otherwise the water will pour out as a practical example of water waste.

The glasses are finished by hand, numbered and signed, which makes the glass a really good gift for people who wish to share their views on water wastage.

The glass with a hole will cost $24 plus handling and shipping.

Product Page: Alesina Design

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