Incipio Cases Will Protect your iPhone, Even if it’s a Just a Paper Mock-up

by Nick

Incipio Zipper Case

Incipio believes in the iPhone so much, they are releasing a line of iPhone cases two months before the actual launch date of Apple’s new toy. One of the products is the Zipper Case, which includes an “old school” notebook with pen that you can start using now while your iPhone is not yet in your hands, according to Incipio. Yeah, right. They don’t seem to think much about the screen’s resistance to scratches however, as they say in their website “Zipper closure protects your Fragile Phone while not in use”.

Your iPhone stays protected by a velcro attachment, and it also has slots for credit cards and a pocket for money and coins. The flip case also has a place for your pen, cards and a smaller notebook, with a magnetic flip. The horizontal pouch comes in several colour options such as red, brown/tan, black and even in a pink and white combination that shows that Incipio thinks that girls are going to love and actually use, something I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

Incipio Horizontal Pouch

The zipper case, flip case and the horizontal pouch will all cost you only US$15, and a leather version of that pouch will cost US$18. The cheap paper mock-up of the iPhone is probably included in the final price.

Incipio Flip Case

Via Gadget Lab.

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