Baseball cap features video camera



Technology has advanced to a point where it is now possible to cram in video camera equipment into something as small and ordinary looking as a baseball cap. The Baseball Cap Camera with Digital VCR/Monitor is available only in black – the one main gripe that I have. Won’t it be better if the cap could feature different sports team logos emblazoned across the front? That would definitely make you stand out less as paranoid folk (like me) won’t be as suspicious when they see someone wearing the Dodgers’ cap instead of a black one.

Nevertheless, this Baseball Cap Camera contains a color CCTV camera and microphone inside, and while you might think the video quality is atrocious, you would be pleasantly surprised (as was ) that it can capture videos in 768 x 492 resolution for NTSC and 768 x 582 for PAL. Each purchase comes with a miniature remote control that features a 2.4″ TFT LCD video monitor for you to execute the recording at the perfect moment. An SD memory card slot is used to store all your video, where 4GB is more than enough to outlast the battery which can last a mere one hour.

The Baseball Cap Camera retails for an extremely steep £645.00, so you’ve either got to be super loaded or just a true blue stalker to pick one up. The next time somebody wears a black baseball cap hangs out near me for more than five minutes, I guess I’m going to freak out. For all I know, that pesky fly which has been buzzing around my head is probably a robotic spy. Somebody check me into a nuthouse, pronto!

Source: Uber Review

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Kontiki Says: April 5, 2007 at 2:08 am

Baseball cap and a camera sounds attractive.

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