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voco-alarm-clock.jpgEveryone knows that the English have the stiff upper lip and barely show any emotions, which is why the process of waking up also requires an air of dignity as evidenced by the Voco Alarm Clock. What sets this alarm clock apart from all other offerings available on the market today is its ability to coax you out of bed in a gentlemanly manner. Yes sir, sleepyheads no longer need to contend with irritating gimmicks such as feeding your alarm clock spare change to keep it quiet, running after it, or even knocking it off in mid flight. What you get the with Voco Alarm Clock instead is the dulcet tone of English comedian Stephen Fry.

Famous for starring in numerous TV shoes such as Blackadder and the Young Ones, Fry has kindly lent his vocal cords to Voco to record exactly 50 different messages that aim to get you out of bed in the most gentle manner possible. These messages are of the typical English kind – deeply respectful in every sense of the word. The Voco Alarm Clock stands at exactly 110mm tall and is currently up for purchase £25.95.

Some of the phrases spouted by Stephen Fry include “Good morning sir”, “I’m so sorry to disturb you but it appears to be morning”, and “Very inconvenient I agree, sir”. Apparently, the Voco Alarm Clock has already taken the U.K. by storm that Voco has decided to broaden its appeal by working on a female centric version for all the madams. What next, one for the kids?

Source: Gizmag

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