BlueAnt’s Interphone Handsfree For Motorcyclists

by Tiago

BlueAnt’s Interphone Handsfree For Motorcyclists

It is not the first time we mention BlueAnt and their bluetooth headsets, remember the BlueAnt X5?

This time they have come up with a device that targets a “small” population instead of the over populated market like normal headsets. The Interphone Handsfree & Intercom is oriented for motorcyclists and it is suppose to be used on different kind of helmets – full faced or open faced.

So, what is so special about the latest BlueAnt device? A lot of stuff:

  • water resistant, so no worries when it is raining while you are on the road
  • better than average digital signal processor, which means less exterior noise/echo to offer a better listening experience
  • intercom feature, this one is pretty good – if other motorcyclists have another BlueAnt device and are near you (490 feet), just start a chat session in a matter of seconds
  • bluetooth works with your cellphone within a range of 33 feet
  • compatible with GPS devices as well
  • good battery life – 10 hours on continuous talk (I wonder if anyone can talk for 10 straight hours non-stop) or 700 in stand-by mode
  • good sound and connectivity quality while riding at 80mph (or so they say)
  • the volume is adjusted taking in consideration the speed induced environmental noise
  • big button control which is easy to use even while wearing gloves
  • different features such as automatic voice answer, voicing dialing and redial functionality

For $190 it can be yours, that is, if you really need one.

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waerdawg Says: July 3, 2007 at 2:02 pm

I bought two of these units on the basis of an advertised 10 hours of talk time on the Interphone and Mobilicity web site. Very shortly I found the batteries only lasted about 4 hours in intercom mode. I called Interphone U.S. customer service and they had to contact the factory and said they would get back to me. They never did get back, and after two more calls by me they came back and said the batteries would last 10 hours in phone mode, but only 4-5 hours in intercom mode. I asked them for a refund but they said no…that the products met specifications. I explained that I never would have purchased the units int he first place if I knew they only would last 4-5 hours in intercom mode. Now they have changed their website to state 5 hours of time in intercom mode. I also sent an email to their headquarters and got no response. I would never buy anything from this company as they do not stand behind their advertised specifcations on their product, and do not have good customer service.

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