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I don’t know about you, but it can safely be said that no one can claim to be a gamer if he or she has not yet picked up a single Mario title and played it to the death. How can anyone not love Mario? And we’re not talking about his forays into a whole range of other activities such as baseball, golf, RPGs, and even party games, but the staple diet of platformers alone. Anyone who has picked up any Mario platform title would definitely have heard of all the sounds that come associated with knocking those blocks in order to gain something, and somehow or rather those sounds have remained seared in our consciousness forever due to their universal appeal and simplicity.

You can now bring these sounds into your own home thanks to the folks at ThinkGeek. The Super Mario Sound Blocks consists of Mario or Luigi standing right on top of those generic blocks that are littered liberally throughout the Mario world, and all you need to do to elicit one of those familiar sounds is pound Mario or Luigi’s head…gently. You can choose from Mario, Fire Mario, and Luigi, where all three of them will be able to play back the sounds of a coin, jump, and items coming up from a block.

What sets the three characters apart is the fourth sound that remains exclusive to that character. Mario will feature the power up sound that we all know and love, Fire Mario shoots his trademark fireball, while Luigi gets what can be considered as everybody’s favorite – the 1 Up sound. Each of them are pretty affordable at $4.99 a pop, so I don’t see what’s stopping you from getting one of these and annoying the entire household with Mario sounds all day long.

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