The ultimate recliner — it makes you feel weightless

by Mike

Anti-gravity recliner
I’m a real sucker for a product that claims to be specially designed for a specific purpose. They just make it sound so cool, so technological, and so advanced. I’ve never actually followed through on a purchase like that, but if I had an enormous disposable income I would. Sure, you might be the person who says all of that is just a load of crap, and who knows, you might be right, but it doesn’t hurt to believe! 🙂 The Anti-Gravity Recliner is one of those products. The name alone made we want to try it out, even before reading what it does. In fact, anti-gravity was enough, I didn’t even need the word recliner.

The goal of this recliner is to give you the sensation of being weightless. Now, here comes the part where I get suckered in — NASA made up the “Z” shape of this recliner that cradles you in a stress free position. Your legs are cradled above your heart, improving circulation. It also eases muscle tension and increases your oxygen intake by expanding lung capacity. I may not know how beneficial all of those things are, but they sound wonderful.

Material wise, the recliner is made of titanium-gray mesh fabric with powder coated steel frames. There’s also a removable headrest that can double as a lumbar pillow.

You may not be the sucker I am for this kind of stuff, but come on, this thing was NASA inspired. Obviously it has to be pretty nifty, and remember, it increases oxygen intake! That’s what counts. What really shocked me was the somewhat reasonable price tag from the usually stingy retailer (Sharper Image). $150.

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jared Says: March 28, 2007 at 5:17 pm

the sharper image ripped off frontgates Zero-Gravity Chair. Those punks at SI, rip off alot of ideas these days and build them at way worse quality. check it out here:

mattress Says: May 10, 2010 at 11:37 am

That chair looks incredibly comfortable.

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