The electricity generating wind tunnel

by Mike

Electricity generating wind tunnel by Michael Jantzen
People don’t exactly get excited about conserving energy or creating energy by natural means. It’s a phrase that doesn’t even sound fun. Sure, you get that warm, fuzzy feeling because you’re doing something good, but you don’t exactly look forward to doing it. Michael Jantzen, the designer of that crazy contraption above, hopes to make producing natural energy into a public spectacle.

I’ll admit it. That wind tunnel looks pretty cool and I wouldn’t mind walking through it or visiting it. On to how it actually produces the energy. There are 5 bladed wheels, each spinning in different directions and varying speeds, which in turn help produce some green mean energy. I’m guessing there’s a more scientific and exact explanation, but I’m not the one to give it you. Jantzen hopes his design/concept/contraption will be installed at public places, presumably with a lot of wind one would think, like parks. The question is, when it’s windy, is this thing even safe to walk through? It seems like you might be tossed about and thrown into those blades. That wouldn’t be pleasant.

Whether you think Jantzen’s wind tunnel is a piece of high quality modern art with a purpose, or a complete waste of money and time, you can’t say it’s not a good thing (you know, the whole producing electricity with wind thing). I wouldn’t be shocked if these things didn’t quite catch on though.

Jantzen’s Site – [via SCI FI Tech]

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Mike Says: March 21, 2007 at 7:01 pm

Very cool idea! I’m not sure how many instances of this you’d be able to use (I’ve not encountered a lot of walkways like that) but it’s a great idea anyway.

Maybe you could do the same thing, but larger, around bridges that cars/trains use.


Kenneth R. Says: March 22, 2007 at 7:46 pm

Or we can toss someone we hate into the spinning circles to see how his joints gets misaligned- we’ll time it when a hurricane comes >.>

Martin Brown Says: June 19, 2007 at 12:53 pm

Very good idea would make wind generation fun, however to make it more exciting the whole of the inside could be a cylinder with striped wall which make it seem the that the walk way is moving to the left(or right depending on rotation) like something from a bond film. Could put it in a wind amusment park with along with tread mills, the one ones you go inside of kids dont get enough exercise these day anyway. Could also have a windmill type thing with people on the sails.

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