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Here’s contest entry #11, a very comprehensive review of the Bluetrek G2 by Jabbran Syed. The contest closes today so if you were thinking of giving it a go this is the final call ($600 gadget winner will be announced tomorrow).

bluetrek1.jpgAbout Bluetrek:

“Launched in 2003, the Bluetrek G2 was the first Bluetooth headset to offer a weight of 12g for a talk time of 9 hours, an excellent design and a comfortable ear-hook. The Bluetrek G2 is still a reference in the market in terms of specs and performance. It has been a best-seller in several European countries, sold by most major retailers in over 40 countries, and also chosen by major European operators. The Bluetrek G2 also boasts a very low return rate.”

• Operation range: Up to 10 meters
• Weight: about 12 grams
• Size: Length 67.5 * Width 19.5
• Reversible hook for either ear with smooth material for long hold
• Capacity: Up to 9 hours talk time and 300 hours stand-by time
• 9 hours in HV3/7:30 hours in HV2/6:00 hours in HV1 (HV level set by mobile phone)
• Bluetooth specifications: compliant V1.1
• Profiles: Headset profile, Hands-Free profile
• Activation of voice recognition on the mobile phone
• Volume adjustment

Package contents:
• Bluetrek® G2 Bluetooth® wireless headset
• Charger
• Instructional manual

bluetrek2.jpgAs you can see from the picture above the Bluetrek headset looks sporty and sleek. The main body colour is grey and there is a very attractive chrome face plate in the middle of the headset, this face plate acts as a multi-function button. In the middle of this is a clear plastic button which also tells the power status through LED lights. These LED’s lights tell us when the headset is pairing with another Bluetooth device (searching) or turning on/off.

There are also two small silver buttons one is on top and the other underneath, the one on top is to turn the volume up and the one underneath you guessed it, to turn the volume down. These two buttons are placed in good positions as you can see from the pictures above because as pressing one whilst the headset is in your ear, you do not interact with the other button, thus not causing any problems whilst on a call. There are two silver buttons opposite each of the volume buttons, but they aren’t actually buttons, they are placed there to make the design of the headset look complete by looking like identical buttons! The headset weights about 12 grams making it very light and sometimes you forget it’s on your ear!

bluetrek3.jpgFrom the picture you can see the speaker housing is made by plastic, but it actually feels like rubber and also acts like it as it is quite flexible thus making it more comfortable. Also I’ve shown you how flexible the speaker housing actually is to give you an idea of the build quality of this product.


Moving on to the ear loop which as you can see from the pictures above is really flexible assuring maximum comfort and is also attached to a hinge which is securely connected to the main body of the headset. This allows for the ear loop to be turned enabling the device to fit into your right or left ear quite easily. Although the ear loop is very flexible it seems to have some sort of wire running through it allowing the user to fix it into a position they want.

I tested the Bluetrek G2 Bluetooth wireless headset with my Samsung D500 mobile phone. Pairing the headset with my mobile phone was easy and the Bluetooth headset gives sounds as to when it searches for a device, connects and turns off making it a little easier to understand what its doing rather then just looking at the LED colours. In order to search for a device with the headset in this case my mobile phone, I held down the multi-functional button in the middle of the headset until it flashes red and blue alternately, and when it’s found the device your looking for, all you have to do next is enter the default pass code and the two devices will be paired.

The quality of the sound was very good; better then most headsets I’ve tried. When you receive an incoming call all you have to do is place your finger on the middle button for a few seconds and it accepts the call immediately transferring it to the headset which is very clear. To end the call it’s the same procedure, so there should be no complications. Keeping my finger pressed on the middle button for a few seconds allows me to call the last number that was dialed or received without having to touch my mobile phone which I thought was a cool feature. There were no problems with the sound quality for incoming and outgoing calls as they were both clear. Also the speed of the sound transferring from the mobile phone to the headset was really fast so there were no delays in that part.

This headset can also pair itself to more then one mobile phone at once, one to receive calls on and one to make calls from. This headset also has voice dialing, also it can redial the last number which could be one you dialed out or one which was received and also it can reject calls.

The range of this device is up to 10 meters (distance from the mobile phone to the headset), after this the sound quality reduces and you may hear noises of hissing or breaking up. The Bluetrek battery takes about 2 hours to charge and from this you receive 5-7 hours of talk time. The stand by time is impressive at 6 days.
Below are pictures of the headset whilst it is on charge and searching for a device.


Overall I think this headset is very good, it certainly is better then a lot of other headsets currently on the market. The sound quality is very good and so is the build quality. It is flexible in the right areas; it’s easy to use and well ergonomically designed.

This guest post review was written by Jabbran Syed, thanks Jabbran.

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John Says: March 21, 2007 at 3:31 pm

Nice review, good detail. Good luck with the contest 🙂

nikki Says: April 10, 2007 at 2:58 pm

Fantastic. Thankyou for this detail.

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