CeBIT 2007 News: Round 2

by Tiago

After talking about the meivo display on round 1 of CeBIT 2007 news the time has come to talk about other displays:

Asus PG211
Asus PG211

The screen on this LCD display measures 22-inches, and in case you can’t tell it is suppose to work in coordination with your computer only, it is not a combination of TV + monitor like the meivo. Anyhow, the technical specifications of Asus PG211 include a 2ms response time, a normal (for these kind of monitors) 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and last but not least, another normal 1,680 x 1,050 resolution.

As for the computer related work, it features a crappy 1.3megapixel webcam located on the top, it also has 3 ports of the glorified interface aka USB2.0, and some connectivity options such as 3.5mm jacks for headphones/microphones, S-Video and DVI-D (whatever that means…).

The best, or should I say worse, stays for last. There are built-in speakers on the Asus PG211 that have a sound power of 2x 5W and 15W from the bass.

TecnoVision Luxio
TecnoVision Luxio

In these tech events there is always one smart company that tries to grab the attention of all the people by making stupid claims about their products such as “world’s largest TV”. Well, that is the case with TecnoVision and their Luxio TV.

Unlike 80% of the TVs in the whole world, the Luxio doesn’t use Plasma, LCD, or any other high-tech thing – it actually has plenty of LEDs that when put together display the images and make it look like a real television.

Numbers of the world’s largest TV?

  • 205 inches
  • 750,000 LEDs
  • €350,000

Source – TrustedReviews

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