TVMax+ works great with Apple TV


tvmax.jpgThe Apple TV media extender might not be released yet, but it has certainly generated a whole lot of buzz among the home entertainment community. Miglia has already released a peripheral that will pretty much be a match made in heaven when hooked up to the Apple TV. This content booster is known as the TVMax+, and Miglia hopes that it will become the center of focus for your home entertainment system by virtue of its connectivity as well as features. Anyone who has the intention of picking up the Apple TV, iPhone, or are existing owners of the video iPod ought to seriously purchasing the TVMax+ to maximize their enjoyment.

Key features include an integrated analog TV tuner that comes with every TVMax+ which enable you to receive cable TV channels, the ability to record virtually all video content in real time for both the upcoming Apple TV and iPhone, an online electronic programming guide that makes it much easier to decide what you want to watch, as well as the ability to transfer the archaic VHS content to DVD in a painless and speedy manner. The timeshifting ability allows you to rewind, pause, and forward live TV, ensuring you do not miss a crucial part of the game when you need to make a toilet break. Each purchase comes with a two year warranty, underlining the quality that goes into the manufacturing of the TVMax+.

Connectivity features on the TVMax+ includes coaxial and composite S-Video inputs, making it easy to transfer your entire digital movie library over to the Apple TV and iPod with ease. You can pick up the TVMax+ for £143 from the online store.

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