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Digital Picture Frame DoorThis is another entry in our $600 Gadget contest, CG reader Mark explains how he made his own digital picture frame (sort of a review I suppose). Over to you Mark.

This is my version of a digital picture frame, but better. First I bought this Mintek HD LCD TV & DVD player (model DTV-173 1,280 x 768 native pixel resolution; high 400:1 contrast ratio and high 400 cd/m2 brightness ). Then I came up with the idea that I could use it as a digital picture frame and lots more. So then I began looking for a place to put it. I have a entertainment “closet” which used to be a pantry that I’ve converted into my personal gaming/video control room. So I figured what better place to put it but in the door it self.

I called my carpenter friend (Dick T.) and told him the details of how I would like it placed and where to leave a small opening for the remote to see the IR reader, and also that I wanted the side speakers hidden by the door. My objective of the work was to have the TV placed so it would be flush with the door, to make it as slick looking as possible 🙂 After ordering a solid door (for support) and locked hinges (so no one can pop them to steal the goods) we were on are way. A week later here it was. This “digital wall player” does all kinds of cool stuff for me, first (but not really necessary because of the connections it has and a DVD player right behind it) it has a DVD player built into it so I could play movies or visuals for parties.

Second it has a built in MD, SD stick reader (and a USB port) for the digital picture frame. I love to use this for get togethers and birthday parties to put the B-day boy or girls pictures from baby till now for the guests. Third I can burn mp3 or wma files on a DVD and play them using the DVD player in the closet and have the list appear on the screen so I can choose what to hear next. Forth and my personal favorite (and the main reason for making this) is for my 8 security camera dvr system (Geovision) that I run from my office to every TV in the house. This is my favorite because this door is right next to the front room so I do not have to change the channel of the projection to see who is knocking at the front door or whether my kids are safe in bed while I’m sitting on my couch.

The only unfinished part of this door is the handle. I am searching for the perfect finger print door lock that will go with this entertainment closet (blue led back-light) to match the inside lighting. If anyone has an idea for me please leave a comment, I would appreciate it! Well I hoped you liked it. It was my idea but it would not have been possible (my trait is electronics) with out the help of my friend Dick T. Thanks again Dick!

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DomPaul Says: April 1, 2007 at 2:15 pm


The LA9-3-A model on this page appears to have a blue ID scanner…

Here’s another picture from an ebay auction:

I have a question for you about the video security system you mentioned you have set up at home. How did you go about routing the video to all the TVs in your house? Did you use the S-video or RCA output from the DVR and split it so that it could be routed to multiple televisions? If you want to see the video on the various TVs you then select the aux input on the TV? If you have time you could post the reply here or email me direct at Thanks!

Mark Says: June 7, 2007 at 9:16 pm

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Ok so I took the S-video of my graphics card and Cloned my regular monitor and the S-video so that I got the same display on both the monitor and TV. But I took the S-video from the graphics card and put it in to a radio shack a/v selector that has s-video and composite outs. So it goes into the first input and it has two outputs with both S-v and composites so really I could have 4 outputs 2s-v and 2composites, but the S-v looks much better so I bought 2 a/v selectors and piggy backed them to give me 3 outputs. The a/v selectors are only 50 dollars and you never have to touch them once there set up.

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