Board? I’ll knee you!!! (ok, it’s about knee-boards)

by Fred

So, yes, I’ve already shown proof I’m a tad weird, but, here’s more proof.flyboys kneeboard

I think Knee-boards are cool.

Yes, I’m still not quite sure why either. Maybe it is because you can use them to carry important little notes like,

“If flying upside-down, do not release bombs.”


“Pay attention to the radar when flying, those other dots you see at your altitude can hit you and it’ll be bad.”

So you know, important notes that pilots use. While I’m not a pilot, I always am writing notes to myself, as well as cruising all over the office. So, you guessed it, I’ve always wanted one. Maybe this falls into the same category as the wrist coach for why I think it’s cool to be doing something and be able to read important information, (just ask any NFL quarterback).

Maybe this’ll be the year I finally buckle down and get one for myself.

I found the knee-boards over at There are a bunch of different pilot supply sites that carry different versions, each cooler than the next. As you’ve guessed, these pilot supply sites like Flyboys have just a bunch of cool stuff, so go check it out, and let your eyes bug out just a little bit, (you know you want an Air-Force pilot logbook, just for your very own logs!) or their remove before flight keychains, (so cool).

flyboys keychain

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