Antimicrobial Toilet Seat (Goes in the Dishwasher Too)


Toilet Seat

I’ve not posted about many toilet gadgets recently, so to correct that here’s the Antimicrobial Comfort Touch™ Toilet Seat.

Other than the long name what makes this ordinary looking toilet seat so special:

  • Built in Ultra Fresh Antimicrobial agent
  • Quick release hinges (WTF?)
  • Electrically heated (optional)
  • Soft to the touch (they compared it with a toothbrush handle, nice!)

Out of the above the really worrying feature was the quick release hinges, the purpose of which is so you can remove the seat and then clean it in your dishwasher. Is it just me or does cleaning your bog seat with stuff you actually eat off seem some what gross.

This very clean, non streaks, toilet seat is available from UltraTouch, found via Home Improvment Ideas.

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