Remotely unlock your kitchen cabinets

by Mike

I’m all for keeping the cookies to yourself, and there’s a variety of solutions to help you do that. Personally, I’m a fan of the cookie jar that emits a loud ring when it opens. That way, it’s impossible not to know if someone is getting a cookie. Now, that’s not the solution for everyone. Some people have to resort to much more complex (and not to mention more expensive) solutions, ones like the goRemote controlled kitchen cabinets.

No joke, that remote you see to the right will remotely unlock your cabinets for you. A small steel prong keeps the cabinet locked until the remote’s signal is detected, then it just pops right open, leaving your cookies vulnerable. Now, you might think this is a bit extreme, and I think pretty much everyone agrees with you. They’ll agree with you a bit a lot more when they find out that each cabinet costs a cool $650. Honestly, there are easier ways to protect the cookies, or anything else nefarious in your cabinets. Maybe buy a nice padlock, it won’t look as nice, but you’ll save some money. Or hide the cookies someplace sneaky. Kids get tired of looking after rooting through the first two cabinets. There are hundreds of different possibilities, and pretty much all of them cost under $650. Well, if you’re one of those creative people, you could come up with a nice expensive solution. . . Fortunately, it doesn’t like these cabinets are available for purchase yet.

[via ubergizmo]

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kitchen countertop Says: January 15, 2010 at 12:35 am

Why to protect those cookies at all? Don’t see any reason but being just greedy actually.

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