RFID experimentation kit

by Mike

RFID Experimentation kit
If you look around, we’ve written a few posts on various RFID gadgets, but I have to say, this next one is my favorite. And no, the RFID experimentation kit is definitely not the most complex RFID gadget I’ve seen, but it’s awesome in the most geeky sense of the word. I mean, come on, you get to create the gadgets yourself, and while a normal person may not thing that’s much fun, I sure do.

The kit includes everything you could possibly need to get yourself started with RFID. The project book will introduce you to the more technical side of RFID as well as outlining some really, really, really cool projects. Oh, yes, those projects I was telling you about: RFID lock, RFID Windows Login, RFID safe, RFID smart shelf, and a RFID employee time clock. In order to actually get those projects done, you’ll need some equipment, and in the kit, you get plenty of that. There’s a USB RFID reader, which can read tags from up to 4 inches away, software (XP/2000 only), and about 12 different RFID tags. These aren’t all the same though, that would be boring. Instead you get a nice variety of tags, which include a fob, a 17mm pill tag, tags with sticker backings, and a credit card thin tag.

RFID Experimentation Kit Parts
ThinkGeek carries the RFID experimentation kit for about $100, but it’s currently on backorder. New kits should be arriving at the end of March. While you’re waiting, you can research the nerdy details of RFID on Wikipedia.

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Rey Atienza Says: January 28, 2008 at 5:38 pm


I would like to buy a few of this RFID experimentation kit. Can anyone tell me the procedure…. thanks…. please email me at ratienza@asia.com

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