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If you happen to stay within the vicinity of Mountain View, CA, and have quite a large amount of spare time on your hands along with a strong penchant for gaming on the go, why not settle for this impressive in-vehicle Xbox 360 setup that is capable of giving you the latest in current gen gaming while being hooked up to Xbox Live? Jake Ludington has just the article for you that enables you to hook up with your gaming buddies over Xbox Live even while you’re in the car, all thanks to Google’s generosity when it comes to free WiFi.

This is portable gaming of a different sense when compared to the Nintendo DS Lite and Sony PSP. What you get is the full Xbox 360 experience in a car, just as long as the driver (who shouldn’t be playing, mind you) keeps the vehicle within the vicinity of Google’s free WiFi connection. What this project requires is pretty rudimentary apart from the Xbox 360 and a vehicle (a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in this case) – a 23″ Samsung HDTV display, an Xbox 360 camera, a couple of inverters, and a notebook. You can pick up the complete set for approximately $4,000.

The two inverters provide more than enough power for the console, notebook, and HDTV itself with some to spare. The 23″ HDTV is mounted at the back of a passenger seat thanks to a flat wall mount kit, where a zip tie is used to secure its position for greater stability. This D.I.Y. project will definitely not bring a smile to your spouse’s face, but the kids will absolutely go bonkers over the ability to play Uno with Xbox Live Vision and Rainbow 6 Las Vegas while seated in the car. No longer will they be tormented by endless loops of Barney DVDs.

Source: Game Addicts

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