Remotely open your front door

by Mike

Locca Access
Take the RFID Digital Door Lock and imagine it being 10 times cooler. Well, I know what you were thinking. . . you wished it was able to unlock itself from afar. Just think, you wouldn’t even have to raise your hand to swipe the RFID fob anymore If you like what I’m saying, you’ll probably be interested in Locca’s Access product, a gadget that helps the lazy in the world (as well as people who have trouble opening doors themselves)

The Access receiver is easily installable on existing door frames. When the receiver detects that your lazy self has pushed the button on the remote, the mechanism kicks open the door for you. The best part of all this is that you can do all of that from 150 feet away. When watching Lost, you’ll never have to get up to open the door again. You can just give the remote a quick press and hope that a nice, friendly person will be at the door. If it ends up being a mean, big, scary person at the door, well, you might want to invest in a DVR and simply pause Lost. When dealing with electronic locks, backup batteries are essential. And the Access has a backup that can power it for up to 48 hours in case of an outage. And if worse comes to worse, you can use the manual key override to get in the house, but be warned, you’d actually have to turn the key if that happened.

Finding this gadget for purchase isn’t easy, but according to The Red Ferret, a kit, which includes two remotes, goes for around £150.

Product Page – [via The Red Ferret]

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