Bulls**t Detector Watch a hoot


bullshit-watch.jpgAre you in the company of tight lipped people who cannot tell the difference between a joke and prime time news? Perhaps they need something to jolt them back into the world of toilet humor, giving their facial muscles a much needed smile after frowning for too long a time. The Universal Bulls**t Detector Watch could be just the funny tonic required, featuring all the usual trappings of a wristwatch (it tells the time, d-uh!) complete with flashing sounds, moos, and even the occasional poop.

Imagine having a rather serious conversation at a formal dinner, only to have your watch moo. I am pretty sure everyone at the dining table will ask what that sound was, only to receive the comment “Oh, sorry, that’s just my bullshit detector” in a curt manner to the bewilderment of those seated at the table. Do take note that this watch is not waterproof, so if you get thrown off during a cruise, that would spell the end of your light-hearted and joking days. Until you get a new one, at least.

The manufacturers of the Universal Bulls**t Detector Watch have already put up a disclaimer that they are not responsible for the unpredictable results of using this unique timepiece, irregardless of whether you have a poor sense of timing, a ridiculous amount of courage, or just lacking in plain common sense (which would explain why you picked up this $39.95 watch). The Universal Bulls**t Detector Watch comes in a polished aluminum alloy exterior with a glass surface. The sound and light effects are powered by a CR2025 battery while the watch movement uses a separate 1.5V SR626SW battery.

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