FishCam – Watch a Worms Worst Nightmare



We’ve featured a couple of fishing gadgets in the past and with this latest one, the FishCam, I can’t decide whether it’s going to be a boon to fishing or just another absolutely wacky idea.

The FishCam is a waterproof camera that attaches to a special FishCam float. This then beams back images of your bait and any approaching fish.The angler can then either sadistically watch the bait get consumed (whilst the fish is hooked) or if the fish doesn’t appear that interested move the bait around to make it more appealing.

Some purist anglers are saying this takes all the skill out of the sport, though UK suppliers Sanderson Environmental retorted by saying their opinions were “traditionalist nonsense”.

The FishCam is available at £185 (~$360), found via Arbroath via Spluch.

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