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control4home.jpgOther than the prefix ‘i’ which is attached to virtually any third party iPod accessory, the word ‘smart’ is another favorite. Smartphones, smartcars, and now we even have smarthomes to contend with. Control4Home have been working for quite some time now to help enhance places where we live and work in. Their mission is to harness the dramatic enhancements found in modern technology to provide home owners a user-friendly system in which they can control their surrounding environment. With more and more homes becoming insulated, home owners want to take control even when they are not physically at home, which is where the Control4Home system comes in handy.

This system decides to ditch numerous remote controls required to handle all the household appliances in favor of a master remote. Of course, it will not have the calibre of Adam Sandler’s Universal Remote in the movie Click, but it comes pretty close. Boasting a touchscreen control panel, you are capable of controlling and even setting certain facilities remotely. Your DVD players, home audio system, lights, and security are not immune to the Control4Home system’s spell. If you’re a sucker for writing macros, you will definitely love this remote as you can pre-program it to simulate the effect of having someone stay at home even when you’re away. TVs and radios can be turned on at specific times, curtains can be drawn and closed automatically, lighting circuits can be activated – the list goes on.

There is no word on pricing due to the nature of the system. Since each home is different, I presume you will require a consultant to go through every aspect of your pad before a purchase recommendation can be made. This is interesting, but I suppose once a thief realizes you don’t drive to work anymore despite all the poltergeistic ‘activity’ that happens, all the precautions will come to naught. Still, it is better than not having it. Just remember to store your 50″ plasma TV under the bed when you’re gone.

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