Money Maze Puzzler is a stumper


money-maze.jpgIf you’re a sucker for puzzle games and have long outgrown the tried and tested Rubik’s Cube, perhaps it is time to move on to more challenging brain teasers. The Money Maze shares a resemblance with a transparent Borg starship, but it offers nothing of the assimilation sort. Instead, the Money Maze encourages you to place a valuable piece of paper inside, forcing you to work for it during retrieval. Of course money comes into mind, but it could be other priceless items like your recently deceased Uncle Bill’s will, a gift certificate, or even tickets to the opera. Sadistic users will torture themselves by stuffing money inside, while other well meaning adults can give a cash gift inside the Money Maze.

There is a way to solve the Money Maze, but finding it out by yourself is where the main challenge lies. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before somebody posts a solution on the Internet, but try to get your kids solve this without any external help. It will go a great way to let them see and tackle problems differently in life if their train of thought is nurtured from such a young age.

Unfortunately, you run the risk of infuriating kids who have yet to mature enough, making them resort to a violent means of smashing the Money Maze into bits with a hammer or heavy object. That could mean the end of the Money Maze as we know it, so make sure you are well versed with the child’s temperament and personality before plonking down £11.95 for it.

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