Nintendo Wii falls to piracy


wiinja.jpgEverybody knows that piracy is bad, but until the world is educated that piracy is a form of stealing, this disease will continue. There are always two sides to a coin, and with the issue of piracy, it is no different. Dissatisfied gamers feel that game companies are ripping them off with poor game releases that often feel like a rushed job, and paying a premium for such titles add insult to the injury. Some other people take the piracy route to justify their “try before I buy” policy, but sadly, they more often than not complete the game while “trying” and end up not buying. Whatever the case is, piracy has now reached the shores of the Nintendo Wii with the Wiinja.

This modchip essentially enable you to play games on your Wii without worrying about region encoding, but the main purpose of most people’s purchase of the Wiinja would be the ‘benefit’ of playing ‘backup’ games – essentially ISOs that are downloadable from the Internet for free. I’m not sure how many of our readers would actually go through the trouble of voiding that warranty on your Wii with the Wiinja (not to mention running the risk of bricking the Wii in the soldering process), but it is a scary idea indeed.

Would Nintendo do something about this situation? Perhaps with Wiiconnect24, the Big N would be able to detect which console already contains the Wiinja, pretty much like how Microsoft patched Windows XP to detect pirated copies. Of course, this is a never ending race as the Wiinja manufacturers could always work on a flash update to stay one step ahead of Nintendo. Perhaps if the majority of gaming companies buck up by providing games which are worth the money pair for, people won’t mind parting with their hard earned cash.

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Paul Says: February 2, 2007 at 10:37 am

This chip does not circumvent the region protection – you are still only able to play the games for the region the console was designed.

Ninty Says: September 27, 2007 at 4:34 am

After I purchase a few game on nintendo wii, I am furious with the quality of games like Escape from Bugs Island with it lame unfinished worse game I had ever played and surely regret wasting £39.99 on this piece of crap sp I had turn to Modchips like many other. Since then I had played lots of Wii games and gladly say that I’d recommend anyone to try out the game before buying as there is no demo to try out.

Dont worry, and thanks to those Modchips I had purchased Residient Evil 4 and GT Pro as well as Godfather Blackhand Edition with Blazing Angel.

I dont care about nintendo no more and I shall call them Jap imitation once more again.

tamar Says: November 1, 2007 at 2:34 pm

i have agree that piracy is a circular problem. but as with the mp3 issue, i think it’s shortsighted to not realize that the exposure of having access to titles you would have normally never heard of, brings to console gaming overall.

or perhaps that is only my viewpoint. to be honest, nintendo or microsoft or sony get more money from me than they normally would get simply because of exposure. i usually limit the amount i spend by buying later, trading with friends, renting from blockbuster or buying used.

and just like the movie companies, instead of wasting their time complaining about what will happen anyway, they should add value to the purchase (ie, free subscriptions, keychains, demos, guides etc etc). i know i am willing to pay to see a movie if it has 3-d or something extra.

xmido Says: May 6, 2008 at 8:57 pm

games r just expensive and overpriced. when u make a game u only make it once. but u pay full price for each copy. i dont think the dvd and the manual and case will cost them more than $5. now paying $60 for a game is just too much in any standard. yes i can buy a game. but my collection will be limited. i would play only the highest rated games.

i have over $10,000 worth of games i would have never played without piracy.

skippy Says: December 6, 2010 at 3:33 am

How to cut out piracy – Simple thing, bring the prices down to say $15 each game and put the price of recordable cd’s up to $10 – then it wouldn’t be worth copying. Nintendo and all the game consoles are just out to rob people. Who’s going to pay $99 bucks for a new game – only a idiot!!!
They won’t stop pirates if they continue to charge top dollar.
Just think 1 original game sold – 10 copied.
Pricing structure 10 sold – non copied.

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