Get those wheels off the ground!!!

by Fred

So the folks over at Jalopnik, who by the way are awesome, and if you have ANY love of cars at all you shouldJackhole check them out (after coming here to of course!)

They have a wonderful piece about how to jack up your car (in the good way, not the steal all the parts from someone’s car way).

I felt compelled to include this, as we have many a reader who can likely rebuild a linux system with one hand behind their head (it’s harder than behind your back ok). Yet, they likely had trouble identifying anything under the bonnet of their car, (see there, I used bonnet, not hood, do I get any English points?)

The nice thing is, well they go through the whole process for you. Which, if you’re a newbie at it, can help a bundle.

Furthermore, they tell you what you need to get, and thereby our gadget goodness comes into play. I could tell you what the best budget plan to do this is,,,but this is Coolest-gadgets, and quite frankly, this is how we roll.

With the SWEETEST setups. (follow the jump baby!!) (oh yeah, catch live timing for the Rolex 24 here (you have 22 hours left (starting now)!)

To begin, we’ll start with your creeper, (you do need to slide around underneath).

No brainer, the Davidson Hover Creeper, it’s just plain, magical (think low profile hovercraft). It even won a silver IDEA award!hover creeper

Next is the AC Delco Jack by Cesaroni Design (it’s show above next to the world’s biggest hole, so yes that’s a jack,,,,). Just plain sweet. It’s not a NASCAR 1 pump jack, (but you have to be a 260 pound behemoth just to operate those anyway.

Finally, umm, well, I didn’t find any really cool (read, worth mentioning) car jack-stands or chocks, so, umm, just get some of those, or have your favorite team of professional hotties hold the car in position off the ground while you work on it. Note: this is probably not your best plan of action, just get the darn jack-stands and chocks).

Happy wrenching!!

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Puzzled? Says: August 18, 2008 at 1:04 am

I landed on this site looking for information on the A C Delco car jack. I read, or should I say I was misled into reading 4 paragraphs of wordy-words, meaning slick, bordering on imbecile writng. I found just 2 lines on AC car jacks. We want facts.

Puzzled In Seattle?

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