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iJoy RideLast year we reported on the lazy iJoy chair, well if you have energy to burn you might prefer the totally unrelated lazy way to exercise the iJoy Ride.

The iJoy Ride might look like a toilet with a saddle on top but it’s a mean exercise machine.

The amazing new iJoy® Ride is a body sculpting, “core muscle exerciser” that takes the work out of working out! Just hop on, sit back, balance and have fun riding this fantastic motorized muscle enhancer. Its triple-axis riding motion tones and tightens three different core muscle groups — back, sides and abs — without putting pressure or stress on joints.

Select from four speeds: Warm-up, Taking It Easy, Getting Serious or Pump It Up. In Auto mode the Ride takes control, dishing out a combination of all four speeds for a dynamic core muscle workout!

The iJoy Ride is available from Sharper Image for $399.95.

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Mary T Macdonald Says: January 3, 2008 at 7:01 am

I would like to enquire how much it would cost to post the ijoyride to Scotland UK

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