XtremeMac’s MicroMemo is a microphone for your Nano

by Mike

XtremeMac MicroMemo
A lot times when you’re out and about, an awesome idea or something you’ve forgotten to do for the past few days comes to mind. Most of us will think to ourselves “of course I’ll remember!” but you end up forgetting it within a few minutes. You could always jot down a note on a piece of paper, but those can just as easily be thrown away (paper is old fashioned, anyway). A digital solution is cooler than both of those, and is actually pretty practical in this case. Instead of having to carry around another device for this, you could use XtremeMac’s MicroMemo for the iPod Nano.

Just like your iPod’s USB cable, the MicroMemo plugs into the dock connector (and also uses the headphone jack) and houses all the components for recording in a slim form factor that blends perfectly with your Nano. The bendable and swappable microphone plugs right into the unit. Through your iPod, you control the recording process, which is limited to stopping, pausing, and starting a new recording. There’s actually a small built-in speaker that will let you hear your recordings without having plugging a pair of headphones in. Your voice won’t be recorded in some audiophile-pleasing quality, but with the low quality bit rate at 352 kb/s, you should be just fine. To put it in perspective: a 1 minute clip on low quality is about 2.6mb, which translates into about 25 hours of recording on a 4 GB nano. All recordings can be imported right into iTunes at your convenience.

At $60, the MicroMemo from XtremeMac is a inexpensive add-on for your Nano that will let you record reminders for yourself or maybe even a quick interview when you’re on the go and away from your computer.

Product Page – [via Popgadget]

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