Sansa Express – The Upgraded Version Of A 1G iPod Shuffle

by Tiago

Sansa Express

Sansa Express is the latest mp3 player from SanDisk, the design and shape make it look like an upgraded version of a first generation iPod Shuffle, am I alone on this one?

The directional keys to play/pause/forward/rewind the music is always a hit on mp3 players because of how easy it is to work it, and the ergonomics factor must also be taken into consideration. As you can see, the previous point is one detail that a lot of manufacturer used to “copy” the iPod, but the following features are the ones that weren’t included on the 1G Shuffle, and that is why I consider the Sansa Express to be an upgraded version:

  • OLED Display – unlike what happens on the shuffle in which you just press play and hope to get one good song being played, there is actually visible information about which track is being played. The display is very small and only consists of 4 lines so you must have a good quality vision to read the track info.
  • MicroSD Card Slot – this is another advantage for the Sandisk player, on the current Shuffle models there is no way to expand the memory.
  • FM Tuner – unlike what happens on the shuffle in which you have to buy an extra device if you want to listen to radio, this doesn’t happen with the Sansa Express.
  • Voice Recorder – seriously speaking, I doubt many people use this feature but an extra is always an extra and the Sansa also wins points with the built-in microphone.

Other features of the Sansa Express include 1GB of storage capacity and normal audio file support – MP3, WMA, Protected WMA, WAV, and Audible files.

The retail price is good, only $60. Add this player to the Sansa Connect and you can imagine a Sansa vs iPod competition – the only thing missing on the Sansa is the cult.

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Mike Says: January 22, 2007 at 8:14 pm

I must say, if I didn’t have all my music bought on the iTunes store already, I’d definitely give the Sansa line some thought before I bought another iPod.

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