This Polaroid takes no pictures


polaroid-dap.jpgEverybody has heard of the Polaroid brand, but unfortunately the company went bust some time ago and sold off its business. Now, the only valuable thing about Polaroid is the name licensing and branding, but those are some powerful weapons when you think about it. Why do you think iPod after iPod is flying off the shelves despite the presence of other portable media players which offer way more functions and a better interface are available at a cheaper price? Don’t be surprised that this Polaroid does not take any photos, as it is actually a portable media player. We will be taking a look at three models today, namely the MPA-20011, MPA-28216, and the MPA-43315.

Both the MPA-28216 and MPA-43315 are WiFi-enabled, but that doesn’t mean the low end MPA-20011 is a subpar offering. Available this March at around $100, the MPA-20011 supports various audio and video formats such as MP3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG 4, and WMV. In addition to the 1GB flash memory that comes with it, you can also top it up with a microSD memory card.

As for the MPA-28216, in addition to all the other formats supported by the MPA-20011, it also comes with AVI and DRM11-protected compatibility. Your eyes will also welcome watching videos with this on the 2.8″ LCD display that offers crisp pictures. Storage is abundant with a 30GB hard drive. The wireless connectivity makes it easy to connect the MPA-28216 to the Polaroid DEC1000 media center. You can pick up a wireless or non-wireless mode for $280 and $250 respectively.

Last but not least, we have the high-end MPA-43315 which shares the same specifications as the MPA-28216 save for the much larger 4.3″ LCD touchscreen display and a more spacious 40GB hard drive. It also sells in wireless and non-wireless models at $330 and $250 respectively.

Source: Ubergizmo

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