Wires?! We don’t need no stinking Wires!!! (thanks to Bluetooth)

by Fred

The folks at Jabra are being nice to us. They’re trying to make our lives easier.


No, wait,, that’s exactly what we want!

We want gadgets that make our gadgets work better. They’ve really got some now, with more on the way. It’s a pair of headphones that work with your phone.
Buy them here for $89.99

The obviously sweet bit about these headphones (yes, the look is standardized iPod white) is that they receive bluetooth inputs from your bluetooth enabled phone.

Better than that (those those are out there and available now). Is this new unit recently announced that is entirely wireless! (well except for the cord connecting the two earpieces).

So maybe not cordless, how about Cord.

Their new Jabra BT8010 is just what the doctor ordered, read on for more naughty goodness and sweet pics.

The BT8010 provides all the naughty goodness of it’s BT325 brethren shown above. However, the BT8010 does it in a silky black silhouette and with only 1 measly cord connecting either side of your skull.

It looks like it’ll run us around $149 USD and it won’t be here till later this month at a Verizon store near you, but when it’s get’s here you’ll know.

Now,, should I change my name to Lobot?

Or are you going to do that for me?

Thanks to the kiddies at Slashgear for the heads up

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