Iron those disks!

by Dan

skipaway.jpgVen Mill industries just launched a new product called Skip-Away, it is basically a disk repairing device, but instead of using wax filling or abrasive sanding to carry out the repair this device is supposed to use a new technology called OptoClear.

“Sanding machines attempt to sand down the peaks, while wax solutions aim to fill in the valleys. OptoClear does neither. OptoClear works like ironing a shirt—it applies the right combination of heat, pressure and time to iron out the peaks and valleys on the disc, better known as scratches. Once a disc is inserted, the protective plastic layer is exposed to heat, making the surface malleable. Simultaneously, the right amount of pressure is applied to smooth out the surface, turning the skipping mountain range back into a playable plane.”

Now for those of you wondering the performance of the product, the manufacturer claims that it can clean discs in 10 seconds and repair them in 3 minutes, and there is a warranty up to 10000 cleanings and 2000 repairs.

The product weights 4,4 pounds and it comes with indicator lights and a count down timer so that you know how long it will take before the repair is done. There is an interesting feature on the company’s website where you can calculate what kind of return you will have from purchasing the product, and the result is based on some questions you will need to answer like “What is your customer base?” and “What is the average sell through price of your used discs?” (click here to see the calculator).

Via: Red Ferret Journal

Reference: Ven Mill official site

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Daniel Says: January 14, 2007 at 5:18 am

I better get in my loft and dig out all the cds I chucked up there that my kids kicked around the room.

The thing is does it really work or is it money not well spent, anyone care to comment.

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