G6 Golf Swing Monitor & Watch

by Mike

Suunto G6 Golf Swing Monitor & Watch
It’s kinda weird, I love all sorts of golf gadgets like RadarGolf and StreetGolf, but never, and I mean never, would I ever actually consider using them because I hate golf. Of all sports, it has to be my least favorite save baseball, it’s just to boring for me. Still, all the extravagant seemingly silly gadgets golfers seem to buy, like the gadget I’m about to describe, amuses me to no end. Suunto’s G6 Swing Monitor & Watch is the gadget for the golfer who has every other golfing gadget. It’s ridiculously expensive and ugly, what a combination.

Supposedly, using this watch will eventually help you improve your golf scores thanks to biofeedback and muscle memory features, whatever that means. How exactly does it supposedly improve your swing? Good question, it uses three accelerometers that work together to record 200+ measurements about every swing you take. All those measurements are used to cook up 4 main stats: your tempo, rhythm, backswing length, and clubhead speed. That’s where the feature list ends, except for the clock and alarm functions of course.

What would’ve made this product a lot cooler and almost worth the $400 it costs would be to have a software solution that will take all of your stats and show you how you’ve improved over time, just as the Nike+iPod kit does. Of course, that’s too much effort for Suunto to put into their products, they just want to take your $400 and forgot about you.

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Daniel Says: January 14, 2007 at 5:22 am

Great idea but as you said does lack some much needed features for that price, I love golf and play 3 times a week at my local golf club…shame on this product, but saying that most guys at the golf club are not good on a pc.

John Says: September 15, 2007 at 1:59 pm

I have bought this neat gadget . All I can say about it that this gadget is cool .I suggest you yo try it

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