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I’ve seen some pretty cool mice in my time (Slim Mouse, SD Card Reader Mouse, hand warming mouse, etc.), I can now add to that list the slipper mouse, a mouse you control with your feet.

At first it looked a bit odd to use, you wear a slipper on one foot which you drag around to move the pointer whilst with the other foot you can hit pedals in place of mouse buttons. It’s never going to replace the standard mouse but for people with severe disabilities this could make using a computer a whole load easier.

Further info available at and I’d like to thank Tianou “Phil” Li for taking the time to demo this to me.

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Jack Zhu Says: January 25, 2007 at 3:44 am

I’m looking for this type to release me for long time, thanks God, finally, there is something can work!

John Says: September 12, 2008 at 11:17 am

I lost the use of both arms in an accident many years ago and a combination of voice software and foot mouse has been the only way I am able to use the computer. Problems with the lower back became chronic when using the product above which I tried about a year ago. I agree with Josh that the Footmouse by Hunter digital these easier to use and requires less movement. However, the biggest shortfall with the Hunter digital product is a lack of quality control and high price. It costs around $300 and I have had to purchase four replacements in the last four years. It’s a small company which likely accounts for the lack of quality control. I do wish the manufacturer would improve the quality of the product but I have seen no design improvements in the last four years. It’s still only ships with a PS/2 interface! But without the product, I would not be a participant in the information age.

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