Portable SAT & ACT test prep

by Mike

Portable SAT & ACT Test Prep portable
Parents worry a lot about the SATs these days, they even spend thousands of dollars on tutors, books, and all sorts of other crazy things so that their child can get the best score possible. Some people care a little to much about all that though, they sort’ve forgotten that it’s only a test. For those people, the Portable SAT & ACT Test Prep device is pure gold, for others, it’s just amusing.

It’s not even that great of a handheld device. There’s a small grayscale 240 x 200 LCD display with buttons on either side. Stored on the device are full length tests from the Princeton Review, including verbal, math, and essay prep tests. Once you’re done a test, it’s instantly scored for you, allowing you to see just how screwed you are for the real test. As you take tests and get your results, the device will keep records and record stats. Those stats can be clumped together and will give you personal diagnostic reports so that you can see how much or little progress you’ve made. Besides that, there’s no other functionality in the Portable SAT & ACT Test Prep portable.

For what you get, it’s pretty expensive: $150. Also, there’s no mention of how many full length tests you get. Maybe if you got 10 of each section it’s worth it, but if there’s only a few of each it seems like a rip off. You might be better of just getting yourself a book and scoring the tests yourself, it’s not that hard. Plus, you don’t have to keep the 3 AAA batteries it requires around then either.

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AliceRouland Says: January 24, 2007 at 8:38 pm

I just find out there’s nothing to be worry about. Everything is ok. My SAT tests is good enough. And so will yours. Take Care

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