red dot design award – part 4

by Dan

boxer.jpgThis is fourth part of the “red dot design series”, if you have not check out part 1, part 2 and part 3. In this post we will cover the interesting gadgets that won the award under the Recreation category.

Boing Boing Boxer:
Designed by Park Sang Hyun and Kim Ji Ae this toy was created to enable kids to fight safely. It is produced with latex foam which should function as a shocking absorption material. The tagline of the product on the official site is “The Bong-Bong Boxer makes fighting fun and educational for pre-school children.” Well, I am not sure about your kids but the ones I see here in Brazil would definitely make some trouble with that boxing deal…

torch.jpgEc(h)o-Envirotorch: this eco-friendly torch uses a dynamo as power source, meaning that you will not need to worry about the batteries. The product was designed to be simple yet appealing visually: “The form was derived from an ergonomic point of view, to create a feeling in the user similar to the comfort of holding a very small ball in one hand.”

musicbox.jpgColorful Musicbox: this innovative entertainment device was develop at the Zhejiang University of China. It basically works like a tune-alterable musicbox. The product was created with pillars where the user can insert pins at will, altering the tune of the music. “Each pin consists of a glass ball, a metal tail, an LED light and a small battery. When the metal tail hits the bar, the pin will light up for a short while, showing the different colours of the music scale. Colourful patterns are thus created when a tune is played”. I would not mind having such a musicbox on my living room, what about you?

Reference: red dot design award official site

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