Car integrated MP3, iPod remote and black magic!

by Marc

I was going back through some archives recently and found a few links that got lost at the time. So although it’s a bit late now, have a look at these videos courtesy of the guys over at

First up is the Tokai combined in car head unit / MP3 player. In terms of aftermarket car audio it seems like a nicer idea than drilling more holes in the dash for an iPod dock although in these days of 4 and 8gb flash players 256mb is starting to look a little dated! If you’re in the UK you can find them at pixmania for a shade over £100.

There’s also a new addition to the ever increasing line of iPod accessories in the form of this two way remote control. iPod remotes are nothing new, but this one is RF wireless and transmits back the track information to the remote so you can see at a glance what your iPod is doing. They’ve also built in a volume control for good measure.

Lastly Yamaha have a new version of their unique YSP Sound processor. Basically this is a box filled with speakers that uses black magic (OK, pretty heavy technology) to create a “virtual” surround sound image, without needing speakers placed all around the room. It’s spooky, and creates a very convincing 5.1 movie experience. According to the video interview, the new versions can direct all the sound to a particular point in the room so you can isolate the movie sounds to your place on the sofa. Neat.
Oh, and happy new year! 🙂

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