25 gadgets that pay for themselves

by Dan

water-bottle.jpgThe Simple Dollar blog has a very interesting post listing 25 gadgets that should pay for themselves over the long run, and even generate some returns depending on the situation. Some of the gadgets are pretty well known, like battery chargers or high efficiency washing machines. Some of them, however, are pretty innovative, to say the least. Have you ever considered that you should buy the video game Dance Dance Revolution to save money? What about efficient shower heads or “smart” power strips?

Below you will find three very interesting gadgets on the list.

Filtered Water Bottle

Price: $39.95 + $32.95 cartridge refills
Time Until Break Even: 180 days of daily use

“If you drink a bottle of water each day (as you should), but you buy bottled water instead of drinking tap water, you can pay for this nifty device in half a year. You can fill it from any tap and the internal filtering device will clean the water for you, eliminating viruses and bacteria. Thus, each day you use this bottle, you pay off a little more.”

coin-sorter.jpgCoin Sorter
Price: $95.99
Time Until Break Even: 2 years

“Most banks will no longer count change for you, but they will accept pre-rolled coins as deposits. CoinStar, on the other hand, will cash out change for you, but they have a 10% surcharge. Why not just sort and roll them yourself? Keep this device on the dresser, dump in your pocket change each night, change the rolls in and out (the device comes with a bunch of coin rolls), and when you go to the bank.”

Solar Christmas Lights

Price: $59.95
Time Until Break Even: 2 Christmas seasons

“Instead of buying strands of electric lights for outdoor Christmas decoration, get a set of solar LED Christmas lights. They eat no electricity as they charge up during the day, come on automatically in the evening, and stay on most of the night. You can just set them up and let them be with no maintenance cost or effort at all. The start-up cost is a bit high, but the cool factor of LED solar Christmas lights, plus the energy savings, quickly makes up for it.”

You can check the full list here.

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Devicepedia.com Says: December 21, 2006 at 5:20 pm

I would really like the Solar Christmas Lights.

I read somewhere about an ad powered by bike runners. Ingenious.

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