Pink Zunes spotted on eBay


pink-zune.jpgAlthough the Zune isn’t exactly the hottest property on the planet at this point of time, it is the perfect example of what a different shade of color can do to boost its image. Head honchos at Microsoft has been feeling extra generous, making only a hundred of special pink colored Zunes to be given to the members of the Microsoft Zune team. Unfortunately, this gesture of kindness is not appreciated by some as auctions on eBay featuring this extremely limited edition Zune has already been up for some time.

You know what the biggest insult would be? The Zune team member using proceeds from this auction to finance his/her purchase of a spanking new iPod. The possibility is there, but he/she must be really hard up for money this Christmas since it meant giving up a piece of tech history for so paltry an amount. I suppose you can’t really argue with a free economy, but forking out $920 for a pink Zune just doesn’t make sense. You would think that Microsoft would catch on with this idea and start to release pink Zunes commercially in order to counter such a move.

Of course, this isn’t the only pink Zune that has gone under the auction hammer. Some other employees have already taken the same route, with different prices on offer. The lowest starts at $350, progressing to $400 and even $761 in another instance. Needless to say, $920 just tops the cake as you can already purchase a whole bunch of goodies with that kind of money.

Source: Mobility Today

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