Monkeys working behind the scenes


screen-smasher.jpgHave you ever had a really bad experience while using your computer? Are you frustrated with the dearth of blue screens that pop up all the time? Spam and malware got your goat? As much as you would like to take a hammer out from the toolbox in the shed, you simply cannot bring yourself to smash the monitor to smithereens as there just isn’t enough money in the coffers to pick up a new one. What are some of your alternatives? In addition to taking a time out from using computers, you can always pick up the Screen Smasher software.

This unique software comes with a USB sensor and a foam hammer axe that looks like a throwaway prop from the Flintstones set. Once the software is installed, plug in the USB sensor and you’re good to go. The USB sensor will recognize the foam axe immediately, and if you swing it at your monitor (gently – we wouldn’t want your case of Computer Rage to get totally out of control), the screen will crack. Having a few good swipes at the monitor will slowly reveal more and more cracks, until it cannot withstand the pressure any more and finally breaks.

You would then discover what we’ve suspected all this while – there are literally monkeys running the scenes behind the computer. This will definitely elicit a good laugh or two, and is a great tool to de-stress. Unfortunately, the $49.95 price tag is rather expensive considering the value of items involved, but I guess you can’t really place a price on peace of mind after venting your anger on an unsuspecting monitor.

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