Bowl of Cereal lights up


cereal-bowl-light.jpgSo, just because you live in that swanky apartment right smack in the middle of town, you think you’re cool right? Apparently, having boatloads of money does not automatically translate to being the best, as artistic flair and taste are things that even Bill Gates cannot buy. Just take a look around your pad and see if it is actually done up tastefully, or did you just tack on tons of different decorative items without giving second thought to an overall theme? Thankfully, there are some household decorative items that will definitely go along with the flow, and the Cereal Bowl Light is one of them.

What looks like an oordinary cereal bowl will definitely surprise you the moment you touch the spoon, completing its circuit and lighting up magically. This will definitely amaze anyone who drops by your house as they would not only ooh and ahh at it, but they will definitely form a line trying it out. With Christmas just slightly more than a week away, what better way to add more festive cheer into your humble abode than with the Cereal Bowl Light?

Choose from light pink, darker pink, kelly green, light green, and orange colors. The bowl measures 10″ in diameter and stands 5″ tall. The Fruit Loops that you see in the photo are actually real, so actual care should be taken not to expose the Cereal Bowl Light to direct light. Since each bowl is custom made, you are required to place your order much earlier. Each Cereal Bowl Light costs $89.98, and unfortunately as at time of publishing, it is all but sold out.

Source: Cool Hunting

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