Stocking stuffers from Restoration Hardware

by Mike

3-in-1 Laser Pointing Pen
All the fun is over for the year. You’ve opened up those spectacular presents from Santa, but, you almost forgot, there’s still the stocking to foray! If you’re looking for some cool little trinkets to pop into the stockings this year, look no further; in this post I’ll go over some nifty stocking stuffers from Restoration Hardware.

While none of these next few gadgets are ones you’ll die to have, they’re cool nonetheless. First up is the 3-in-1 laser pointer pen. It serves three great purposes: a laser pointer for presentations, maybe for pointing at people as well, a telescoping pointing stick, and, most importantly, a ballpoint pen. $20

December does tend to be a cold month, and for those cold times in the coming months of January and February you’ll be happy you got 1955 style pocket warmers. Mmmm, warmth! $15

Snowman Kit
Kids love to build snowmen, but going through the effort of having to find the two sticks, a nose, and some eyes is just pushing it, right? If it is, get the Snowman kit, which includes buttons, eyes, a nice hat, and even a carrot-esque nose. $14

Helicopter Erector Set
For the young builder, either the helicopter, or the sidecar erector sets are a good bet. Not terribly complicated, but they still look cool when done. Nothing could be better. $22

Circus Finger Puppets
Last up are the circus finger puppets for the little ones. No circuits, wires, batteries, or displays, just old fashioned finger puppets (and there cute!) – $13

That was just a glimpse of all the stocking stuffers that Restoration Hardware has to offer. Some of them are more expensive that others, while some are nice, $10 and less, trinkets. Either way, most of them are pretty cool.

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