Dead simple video recording for the iPod and PSP

by Mike

iRecord Unit
You’ve got your brand new 30 gig iPod, maybe even the 80 gig version, but don’t feel like paying the money for iTunes TV shows but you really, really, really want to your shows on there. It’s quite the dilemma, especially for the technologically impaired. If you’re a techie and know you’ve got a relative exactly like this, consider getting them the iRecord this Christmas. No computers are involved, and all it takes is the push of a button.

Plug any analog source into the iRecord, a TV, DVD player, a game console maybe, and even, I don’t want to say it, but yes, you can plug in your VCR and it will work, nothing else involved. When you press record, the content goes right to your iPod, and it will even work with other USB mass storage devices, like the PSP. That’s all there is to it, no transcoding process or file transfer, the iRecord handles it all.

iRecord uses the H.246 codec (320 x 240) for video and AAC for audio, and the compression algorithm allows for about 3 hours of video per gigabyte of storage. On a 30 gig iPod, that’s 90 hours worth of video. Both Windows and Mac formatted iPods are supported, and your iPod will even charge itself while plugged in. Both S-Video and RCA inputs are built in. Here’s my favorite feature, in case of a firmware upgrade to the iRecord later on down the road, you can download the firmware, pop it onto a USB drive, and then upgrade the firmware on your iRecord by plugging the USB drive into it. That way if a new killer feature comes out, you won’t be left behind.
iRecord's Back Inputs

At about £160 or about $315 the iRecord isn’t a cheap device, but with it being so simple and all, someone who has an iPod video, but absolutely no tech know how, will really appreciate this as gift.

Product Page [via Red Ferret]

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reggie Says: December 29, 2006 at 2:13 pm

help-my friend has software which allows her to download her dvds–Id like it too and we’d like to get some whereas we can download from her ipod to mine where can I get these?

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