Nintendo DS wants to grow up to be like Wii


ds-motion-card.jpgSo everybody and his dog has already had a go at the motion sensitive Nintendo Wii but you, and you are desperate to jump on the bandwagon without any success as new arrivals of Wii consoles get snapped up as soon as they make their way into gaming stores and electronic boutiques everywhere. Fret not, as there is still some hope in the form of the upcoming DS Motion Card. This unique plug-in is a revolutionary motion sensor which is compatible with both Nintendo DS and DS Lite handheld consoles. It comes with a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope combination that aims to bring handheld gaming to the next level (as if the touchscreen experience is not enough to differentiate it from other gaming systems).

Once plugged into the DS card slot, your dual screen handheld automatically achieves full motion sensing capability. This new development is not limited to officially licensed games only but homebrew DS development as well. In addition, the DS Motion Card also holds the distinction of being the first and only accelerometer and gyroscope combination that is available for gaming on the go. The DS Motion Card communicates with the DS by using the Serial Peripheral Interface that is available on the DS card.

The accelerometer is capable of measuring acceleration levels across all directions, taking into account both gravitational acceleration as well as acceleration that is caused by a change in velocity. In the meantime, the gyroscope measures the angular rotation rate around an axis that is perpendicular to the bottom display of the DS. Although not available commercially at the moment, you can place your pre-order here. Only three homebrew games are available at the moment that will take advantage of the DS Motion Card when it is released – SpoutDS Tilt, WaterDrops Tilt, and DsaSketch.

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