Wireless Mini Spy Camera With Night Vision

by Tiago

Wireless Mini Spy Camera With Night Vision

It seems like there is always a new cool gadget that surpasses the others in quality, I’m 84% sure that is the case with this Spy Camera. It is better than the Hidden Light Bulb Camera + the R/C Night Vision Spy Car put together, seriously, just imagine the fun you can have with it after checking all the features.

To start with, this is a spy cam so it has to be small in order to be placed in strange places for important observations, you wouldn’t want a gigantic camera ruining your projects, now would you? It only measures 3 x 3 x 4cm which can be considered too tiny for a camera.

Besides the smallness detail there is also the Night Vision aspect of the thing. The most important things happen during the night according to night owls (like myself), so having a camera recording the activity in a room with hopes to watch something… erotic (?) is well worth the money. Anyway, the night vision feature works in coordination with infrared LEDs and a sensor, whenever it feels like there is little light, it triggers the LEDs and the final image stays clear and sharp even in total darkness. The only bad thing is the image being black and white only on those dark situations.

The camera has a normal yet cool working system, it is the wireless kicking in. How it works: place the spy cam wherever you want – plug the receiver into a TV – and voilá, the sound + video is being transmitted to the TV if you are within 100 meters away from the camera.

It costs $127 at ParamountZone, TV not included!

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Hassan Yazdany Says: May 22, 2011 at 1:06 am

Hi, How are you? Do you have a spy camera which can capture dark pictures as well as it can pass through dingy glasses and reflexed glasses to capture movie and can save its recorded pictures? Do you have x-ray portable products and thermal camera?
We are looking forward to heearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours Faithfully,

Hassan Yazdany
Managing Director
Pishgamanfar Co., Ltd.
Tehran, Iran

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