Constructicons Transform! (ok, really sweet RC Construction toys)

by Fred

Ok, so I can’t prove an actual constructicons link here, but I do know that I’ve found a sweet repository of where to get actual Remote Control Construction toys!

Thanks to the folks over at HobbyTron! They’ve got them and they don’t cost a fortune!

Now why do you ask would I be so crazy about construction toys? Well, my best bud from the age of 5 is an absolute tractor nut! So much so that his current job is fitting GPS systems to them so that they can drive a straight line within 1″ for over a mile!!! Keep in mind that’s a tractor that likely costs as much as your house!
That’s beside the point. What we’re looking at here is a crane truck, that, get this costs just 78.97$US!!! What you say, “surely it doesn’t have many functions”.

First, don’t call me Shirley.

Second, this particular unit has 11 functions all handled by the remote control. Yeah one of those functions is simply the lights. Then again others are,, Crane swivel (360 degrees), Stabilizers, Hook Line, and more. Plus the stardard two channel forward and backwards with steering of course. Now granted, I’m sure this isn’t going to be the best race vehicle in the world, then again who wouldn’t want to see a crane truck race with 10 of these buggers! Of course there are the logisitics of hoping that they make these on different channels (unlikely at best). Well it was worth dreaming.

Check out the list of vehicles over at the site though, I never knew there was such a diverse group of RC construction machinery. If you were around 3 apples high or shorter, this would be a great way to contruct a small town or sports venue!

There are:

Ok, so basically, we’ve discovered some awesome toys for your kids,,ok, for you. Ok, let’s be honest, you’re never going to tell your friends that you did, but you’re going to go over to that site and purchase them all, then build a big huge construction town in your backyard, and have everybody over for a construction party.

I’m not saying that you should,, but,, uhhh,,, if you do.

Don’t forget to invite me. Otherwise I’ll sick the Constructicons on you!


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Drivers download Says: August 12, 2009 at 1:17 am

I’m not saying that you should,, but,, uhhh,,, if you do.

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