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by Dan

merc.jpgXYZ Computing has an extensive review of the new gaming keyboard produced by Ideazon. The keyboard is called MERC which combines a standard keyboard with a Fang gamepad on the left side. Check out some of the features announced on Ideazon’s website.

Dedicated Gaming Terrain
-MERC’s dedicated gaming terrain combines 34 gaming keys, a deadly central butterfly layout, three thumb keys and 11 weapon keys

Sleek Ergonomics
-Sleek ergonomic game pad tilts 11 degrees to match natural wrist position while providing hours of comfortable gaming
-Core game commands are labeled for quick access, including run, walk, jump, crouch and reload

Multimedia Controls & Hot Keys
-MERC features multimedia keys and programmable hot keys

Enhanced Keyboard
-MERC also has an enhanced QWERTY keyboard for game-play banter, chatting with friends or standard PC functionality and Windows® shortcut keys

Powered by ZEngine™ Technology
-Supplies gamers with pre-defined key layouts (a.k.a. MOD Files) and the ability to easily switch between them for today’s top PC gaming titles
-Windows® 64-bit USB drivers available

Here is the conclusion of the XYZ review: “In the end, the Ideazon MERC did not offer any surprises. If you are a gamer who thinks that they can benefit from a more open WASD area and you are willling to spend some time relearning your keyboard skills, the MERC could be a great choice. It will take some time to perfect your technique, tweak the drivers, and learn the differences that happen from one game to the next but once you get it under control the MERC can be as effective as it is affordable.”

You can grab one of those keyboards for as low as 30 bucks, it should be worth a shot therefore even if it will not do wonders to your gaming skills.

Via: Krunker

Reference: XYZ Computing

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