It’s soft, it’s comfortable, it IS it’s own pocket,, it’s a Keyboard?! The Carrypad Elekson Keyboard.

by Fred

It doesn’t fall down stairs, alone OR in pairs. However, it sure is a slinky little number!

The Carrypad from Elekson seems like a real winner in the “also serves as a keyboard for any device that can receive bluetooth category.”

The advantage here being, if the device you’re syncing with is very small, (Palm, Smartphone, UMPD, or a Bluetooth based Viking named Sven that can decipher bluetooth in his head), then this is the item for you! With the exception of Sven (he scares me) you can place them inside the pouch that is part of the Carrypad and protect your tiny machine while bringing along a full size keyboard.Elekson Keyboard

Yes, not everyone has a tiny device that can utilize this power, but what about those little phones with bluetooth people?! You know you sit there with your bluetooth enabled Treo and wonder aloud, “If I only had tiny tiny hands with which to type upon my lovely device, I’d never need another computer.”

Rather than wallow away tears on that tack, why not go for the Carrypad, and relieve your burden in the opposite direction. A FULL size keyboard is just what you need, you’ve already got the computing power you need, all that is missing is a decent ergonomic answer, and here it is right in front of you!

Ubergizmo Link

Original reference link at Carrypad

Manufacturer’s page

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