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I love this time of year as I can spend ages shopping around and browsing the web looking for present ideas. Which is one of the reasons we’ve just added the gadget gift ideas section to Coolest Gadgets. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be making various about the different gadget gift we’ve found for all walks of life.

So if you’re after a bit of inspiration of what to buy a penny pinching student, a tech savvy mum or the DIY enthusiast be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed or check back here. To start the series off here is a selection of products that any golf enthusiast would love to find in their stocking.

Automatic Golf Tee

Automatic Golf Tee

This device automatically tees a golf ball perfectly every time, allowing golfers to practice chipping, driving, or putting on grass or mats without changing stance to set the ball. It holds up to 35 golf balls and doesn’t require a power source; by simply lowering the arm with your club, the device places the next ball onto the tee.

Available for $49.95 from Hammacher

iGolf GPS Caddie

iGolf GPS Caddie

This gadget makes a “real” game of golf more like a console version.

This is a really neat gadget which could give a cool technical edge on other golfers by having an overview of the game. The iGolf GPS Caddie allows you to have maps of courses and get distances from your current position to the green in the palm of your hand!

Full report on the iGolf GPS Caddie, available from Smart Home for $229.99.

Putting Stroke Improvement System

Putting Stroke Improvement System

This is one of those gadgets for the golfer that takes the sport way too seriously, the Complete Putting Stroke Improvement System.

This indoor/outdoor putting green allows you to adjust its contour and has six different aids that improve ball striking, club path, and putt alignment through repetition and muscle memory development that can increase one-putt performances. A string guide runs from the front of the green to the hole and corrects imperfections in your club path by providing a guide for your putter to follow.

If this golf gadget doesn’t reduce your handicap (with a lot of boring tedious practice) I don’t know what will.

The Putting Stroke Improvement System is available for $399.95 from Hammacher (way cheaper than lessons :))

Real Swing Golf

Real Swing Golf Plug ‘n’ Play

A bit more realistic than your standard console golf game (I’ve not seen it on the Wii yet), the Real Swing Golf Plug ‘n’ Play System.

That’s neat, that’s neat, you’ll really love your Tiger-like feats with this brilliant plug ‘n’ play golf game. Simply swing the special club and a sensor in the base unit detects the speed and trajectory of your shots as you work your way around a gorgeously realistic 18-hole course.

Available at Firebox for £39.95.

Segway Golf

Segway Golf Caddy

If your favourite golf fanatic finds walking around a golf course a bit too strenuous and they don’t mind looking a little bit geeky on the green you could always (well serious funds allowing) treat them to their very own Segway GT.

The GT stands for Golf Transporter, and differs from a “normal” Segway by having an attached golf bag carrier and a place for your score card. It’s an interesting addition to what I think is a cool technology and after seeing some of the clothes golfers wear they shouldn’t have a problem being seen riding one of these in public. Could this be the end of the traditional pocket money golf caddy :). You can find more info and order online from the official Segway site.

If you’re looking at buying a gift for a golfer I these give you a few ideas. I’ll do another guide tommorow for a different gadget loving stereotype :D.

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