Mini Car Cuckoo Clock


mini-car-cuckoo-clock.jpgEveryone has fond memories of the Cuckoo Clock, with its trademark chirps making a ruckus every hour that you either have a love or hate relationship with. Thanks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of modern man, we now have a car (yes, those things with four wheels and drink more gasoline that it really should) to replace our avian friend in the form of the Mini Car Cuckoo Clock courtesy of the Mini Cooper brand that is small in stature but big on style.

The diminutive but famous car comes as a chrome clock that has the speedometer of a car as the clock face, while the “miles per hour” reading takes over the hours and the minutes. One thing that will definitely drive (no pun intended) all of you Mini lovers delirious with joy is looking out for the turn of the hour, where an extremely detailed miniature red Mini will make its appearance from the “garage” located at the bottom, making a complete round of the entire clock along with authentic engine and horn noises. The red Mini was lovingly constructed in a 1:93 scale.

This would make a great living room accessory, but we would not recommend putting one just beside or above your bed as the engine revs and honks might get you irritated instead of keeping you entertained. The Mini Car Cuckoo Clock is now available for 99 Euros a pop from both the online store or Mini dealers. If you’re looking for a mid-range Christmas gift, this Mini Car Cuckoo Clock could be just the ticket.

Source: TechDigest

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