Own this Playstation 3 and earn it – Hacking Contest

by Tiago

PS3The beloved Sony gaming console also known as PlayStation3 has been getting a lot of beating lately, after the movie-like stories of people getting shot while waiting on the line to buy a PS3, it seemed like things couldn’t go worse, but they did. Basically, Sony has launched a defective version of a PlayStation with a couple of obvious problems: some of its features don’t really work while others are just malfunctioning…

Anyway, the real topic for this post is the latest hit on the internet for hackers and almost-hackers: a hacking contest with the price being a PlayStation 3.

Own a PS and own it! The 2006 year-end hacking challenge

As the name suggests this is a competition created by someone in France (I will call him vido which is his nickname on the ACBM forums) that has the objective of hacking a server and replacing an image, more exactly a copy of the image you are seeing in this post. Whoever is capable of this accomplishment will receive all this for free:

  • The PS3 with all its default accessories(note: the hard disk was replaced with a 160 GB hard disk
  • an HDMI cable
  • Linux (Fedora core 5 PPC + PS3 add-on) pre-installed, of course
  • The game “Resistance – the fall of Man”

I encourage you to h4ck 1t plz!

You might want to take a look at the ACBM forums first, people are reporting their experiences there and will help you for sure.

And don’t forget these 2 rules:

  • You must do a “clean” hacking job : no DOS, no “dirty” attack which saturate the internet tubes. Moreover, do not attack other machines located in the same subnetwork
  • Send an e-mail to the people in charge after finishing the job

Here is the link – Own This PlayStation 3 and earn it! contest

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Gabriel Says: December 23, 2007 at 3:47 am

How i like the ps3 the problem is i dont hav ps3 discs.lookin 4 asistance wit discs

atumkeze desmond Says: September 6, 2009 at 5:14 am

thank you very much for leting me own this playstation 3 i really apreciate fact that you let me earn this playstation

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